Stupidity Pallas (魯鈍のパラス, Rodon no Parasu) is a rude and abusive Giant, it is especially not smart but remains at the level of the other Giants. And the last survivor of the brothers of Typhon, he returned to Greece and kills Yuuri, probably attacking by surprise. Badly defeated by Mei, commits suicide by saying the name of Typhon. Perhaps the giant looks more monstrous. His hunchback, disproportionate and with long claws that it uses to fight.</span> When he speaks, he often uses exclamations like "Wow!" or "Hell."


  • Pallas appears to be based on an obscure myth regarding one of Athena's alternate names. During the Gigantomachy, a war between the Giants and the Olympian gods, Athena is able to singlehandedly defeat a giant named Pallas. She takes the giant's name as one of her own names as a merit for her deed.
  • There is another character who shares the name Pallas with this character. However, the second Pallas appears as a young female deity in Saint Seiya Omega.

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