Pakia (パキア, Pakia) is one of the several aspirants to the status of Saint of Athena are featured in Lost Canvas in supporting roles.


Pakia is one of the apprentices of Capricorn El Cid. His training partners are Pyxis Rusk, Vela Tsubaki and Puppis Lacaille. It is the last of his companions to confront the evidence that says if you get your armor, getting it after defeating the last of his opponents. But leaving the Sanctuary Pakia the night before that he would be Armor, which greatly surprised his companions waited for that day with great expectation, and they believed that quickly became the right hand of El Cid.

When Capricorn El Cid finds out his flight in their search, finding little later. Pakia explains that he is afraid to die in the Holy War that is coming, and that's why he fled. El Cid explains that for that train, to overcome this fear, but says Pakia not be as strong in spirit as El Cid, and fears slow you down to him and his companions if he becomes or Knight. El Cid is about to end his life as punishment for leaving the sanctuary, but is stopped by Sagittarius Sisyphus , who asked Pakia if still loyal to Athena, when Pakia answer yes, Sisyphus told to continue helping the cause but not as a Knight, helping the world is at peace and living a full life, it should not be ashamed of being afraid, but must recognize and find their own way to help. Later Pakia reappears, perceiving the cosmos of his master when he does its best to burn from the Golden Arrow Sagitarrius and so defeat the god Oneiros . During this brief appearance, seems to have remade Pakia his life and work in a florist.


  • It's possible that the Cloth for Pakia is the Carena Cloth for complete the ancient constellation Argo.