Camille is a female silver saint who followed his training at the Sanctuary, along with Marin and Shina. She was one of the most brilliant students Gemini Saga before it mysteriously disappears (taking the place of the Pope). Nevertheless, she continued her training and received the Silver armor she wanted. Then she was sent to Oran, Algeria, in order to drive future Bronze Saints. Jabu once formed, she returned to the Sanctuary, but things had indeed changed. The Pope had become tyrannical and very different from the one she had known. There was something about him that was familiar to him. When Saga knew she was back, he was afraid she would unmasked because he knew his great powers of divination, as he organized his murder. But she was warned in a dream of his disastrous future and what would happen to the Pope and to the Sanctuary, so she decided to leave. It was very intimate with Demetrius and he confided his doubts with confidence. So, along with other Saints Silver rebels to the authority of Pope, she fled. She returned to Algeria. There she again received a visit from his disciple, who asked him to perfect (as his performance at the tournament was deplorable!) After coaching Jabu, she asked him to return to the Sanctuary because his place was with Athena in its fight against the Pope. Later, she eventually joined other exiles Silver Saints with Demetrius. They waited until peace has returned to the Sanctuary to return.

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