Vers 1

Armadura de Orion
In her arms is hose that reaches to the elbows that are below the forearm protectors, the guards separated thighs like foot binding arms has a similar to a "drop" design, the chest has almost complete protection attached to the waist, shoulders and neck protector,the waist side shields are smaller than the previous version, has a tiara like a "face" design, in its center is a gem that is smaller than the previous version and their side has two kind of "horns "has two overlapping armor pads each pad is only the lower chest while the upper is only the neck protector.

Vers 2

Orion New Cloth  when awekend Omega Cosmo Physically, the change is seen with the appearance of a protective mantle. In this way, the resistance of the armature is greater than normal. This protection could defend an attack from Sword wielded by Gallia War without suffering any damage, despite getting cut from the same gun armor gold easily. However, the barrier failed coup before the explosion of Supernova rebutted by Hyperion.