The Orion Cloth is the Cloth that Jäger wears in Saint Seiya. It is of the second class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Silver Cloths.

Constellation and Mythology

The Orion Cloth is based on the famous constellation, Orion, known for having the Andromeda Galaxy at the center of its belt. The constellation is based on the myth of the hunter Orion, a giant son of Poseidon with the ability to walk on water. After assaulting his own fiancee, her father had the hunter blinded and thrown out of the kingdom. Orion found his way to Helios, the Titan of the sun, who healed him. 

After leaving Helios and his sister Eos, he became a member of the goddess Artemis's hunting band. However, the two became very close, with the chaste Artemis falling in love with Orion. Worried for his sister, the god Apollo sent an enormous scorpion to chase Orion and kill him (alternate myths state that the scorpion was sent by Gaia when Orion boasted he would exterminate all animal life). Orion escapes the scorpion by diving into the sea and swimming away, but Apollo is determined that the hunter die. Finding Artemis, the god persuades his sister to engage in an archery contest with him, marking out a bobbing object in the sea as their target (in reality Orion's head). Artemis shoots first and strikes the target, killing Orion instantly. Devastated when she discovers the truth, Artemis places Orion's body among the stars. Apollo also places the scorpion in the sky to forever chase Orion.

Cloth History

The Orion Cloth was created by the alchemists of the lost continent Mu along with the other 87 Cloths. It was once worn by a very powerful Saint in the Sanctuary, but he died prior to the story in Saint Seiya. The goddess Eris revived him due to the grief he had in his heart when he died. Jäger obtained a Ghost version of the Orion Cloth and served Eris. He was evidently defeated by Pegasus Seiya and the Cloth was severely damaged.



The Orion Cloth worn by Orion Jäger is a purple/grey armored head and torso with a black spiked club.


When not used, the Orion Cloth resembles a man wielding a club. It is not shown to be any different than other Silver or Bronze Cloths.

Techniques used by Orion Saints

  • Megaton Meteor Crash (メガトン・メテオ・クラッシュ, Megaton Meteo Kurasshu): The Saint jumps up and starts to spin like a ball and flies down toward its target ending with delivering a kick to the opponent.