The piece of orichalcum seen in The Lost Canvas. This piece was recovered by Aquarius Dégel and Scorpio Kardia and used to power Athena's flying ship, Argo.

Orichalcum (オリハルコン Oriharukon) is a substance in the Saint Seiya mythos, remarkable for its use in the making of scales[1] and cloths[1][2] (and possibly all living armors), as well as powering the legendary flying ship Argo.[3]

Orichalcum is the "ghost metal" once produced in Atlantis[2], and is the primary material of the scales wore by Poseidon's mariners, as well as a key component in the different alloys used in bronze, silver, gold and unknown cloths. Among the notable properties of this metal are its great resistance (even being called the hardest material on Earth[4], which goes against the traditional mythos, that establishes gamanium as harder than orichalcum) and the power to generate energy, enough to even give life to inanimate objects.[1][3]

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