Ophiuchus House
In mythological times, this house was guarded by the most benevolent saint, sage and heroic.


Once known to be "The Temple of the Serpent Bearer" this now exiled temple is hidden exactly between the House of Scorpio and House of Sagittarius. It is unknown as to how it became this way after the fallout of the Ophiuchus Gold Saint, and his conquest to become a god in his own right. 

It as been lost since the age of myth and even the saints of the 18th century (Saint Seiya Next Dimension) could not believe in its existence, primarily because the rise of this Gold Saint and his temple indicated the end of the universe.

Ophiuchus Shaina (The Silver Saint of the Constellation) is the expected Guardian of this Temple, reason being that in the manga it is seen that She is the only one who knew of the Temple's location although she was the one stationed at the sactuary's entrance.


20th century