Norma Luciano (定規座のルチアーノ, Jōgi-za no Ruchiāno) is the Apprentice is a Saint who is at Palestra. Luciano can use the element of Lightning.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)Edit

Norma Clostone
Luciano appears along with other young Bronze Saints to reach the top and succeed in the challenge in the Field of Death, to be selected, as one of the students who participate in the Grand Tournament of the Knights, being among the top eight. Possibly could have been defeated by Dragon Ryūhō, but this battle is never shown or mentioned in another.

Later guided by their teacher , Luciano and other students face The Soldiers of Mars trying to invade Palestra . Unfortunately, the entire institution would fall under attack and Luciano run the same fate as their companions, be transferred to the Tower of Babel which is deposited into a pillar that absorbed his cosmo.


Standard is the Latin name of a constellation located in the southern hemisphere between Scorpius and Centaurus, and is crossed by the Milky Way. Also known as The Rule Carpenter's Rule, The Game Rules or Level, although it is formally known in Latin as Norma et Regula, which means "Square and Level" (woodworking tools). It was first described by astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the eighteenth century.


  • Luciano is the first Norma Saint.

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