Nefritis Hoplisma (Jade Armor) (翡翠ノ鎧(ネフリティスのホプリスマ), Nefuritisu no Hopurisuma) is one of three Giants who Kronos summons to blow his Dunnamis Absolute. Cronos has three dark stars which gets its power, each of these stars takes the form of the armor of a giant warrior. Nephritis is facing the joint action Taurus Aldebaran and Capricorn Shura .

Episode GEdit

Kronos frees as how to exponentiate  Dunnamis Absolute , nephritis Hoplisma that looks like a humanoid faces Golden Saints Taurus Aldebaran and Capricorn Shura. Shura intends to concentrate their cosmos to use  Excalibur against the deity while he distracts him, and Aldebaran says the Giant stand five attacks.

Aldebaran uses his arms to hit nephritis, but apparently it does armor invulnerable, but also quite fast as he could dodge the attack Great Horn of Aldebaran, one of the fastest we have the Aldebaran stoically resists even supports Dunnamis Pelekus that as the Giant, has all the power of God, all to concentrate all his cosmos Shura.

In the end, Shura is ready to attack and reveals to Giant to Aldebaran with the Great Horn showed that Jade Armor is no longer a fortress, then launches Excalibur bringing the giant game ends and dies.


  • Kyōmei Shindō-ha (共鳴振動波)
  • Dunamis Pelekus (神力斧(デュナミス ペレキュス), Dyunamisu Perekyusu)

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