Celestial Spirit Star, Necromancer Byaku (天霊星ネクロマンサーのビャク, Tenreisei Nekuromansā no Byaku) is the lieutenant commander of Minos' troops.


Byaku was the commander of Minos' troops sent to attack the Sanctuary. He and his group faced Albafica, but Minos ordered them to continue and destroy the Sanctuary's nearby village. On his way, he discovered the trap that the Pisces Saint prepared for the Specters, but even so is killed by the Bloody Rose. Later, he was resurrected by Hades' powers, but was finally annihilated by Aldebaran's Great Horn, being sealed by the 108 counts Mala. Non-existent in Kurumada's manga. 


  • Necromancer Surplice

Byaku's Surplice is named for the word necromancer (coming from "necro", the Greek word for "dead" and "manteia", the word for "prophecy"). A necromancer was originally stated to be a person or being who communicated with the dead, either by summoning spirits or by actually raising the dead back to life, for the purpose of fortelling the future.

Armadura de necromancer

necromancer surplice

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