Nasu Veronica (天究星ナスのベロニカ, Tenkyūsei Nasu no Beronika) is one of the most potent Specters alongside Bennu Kagaho, and also the most monstrous ever appeared.



Veronica wearing his Surplice

When Pegasus Tenma , Yuzuriha Crane and Unicorn Yato head for the Cathedral of the Forest, they find the Forest of Death in his way. Upon entering, Veronica, from the shadows, using his creatures to divide the group, facing a swamp Yuzuriha living in a giant insect Yato and Tenma with zombies raised from Anna , Caro and Maria , children who lived in the orphanage. Veronica starts singing and Tenma discovers his position, when he realizes that the body uses to control Veronica needed resurrected children, Tenma destroys the instrument with its technique Pegasus Sui Sei Ken .

Tenma start fighting but can not beat Veronica flies because he controls and that are able to stop the beating of the Tenma . Yato and Yuzuriha join the battle, but soon surrounded by more zombies. Suddenly, the souls of the dead disappears, through the power of Cancer Manigoldo. Manigoldo starts to joke with Veronica feminine appearance, coming to insinuate that the Specter was trying to flirt with him. Veronica attacks him with his flies, but Manigoldo easily gets rid of them, and then attacks with his physical technique "Acubens", cutting Veronica in half.

However, through the power of Thanatos, Veronica is immortal and therefore recovers from his wounds, throwing away his torn robe to reveal his majestic Surplice. Manigoldo wanted to check if he really is immortal, and then launches Yato into Veronica. Yato uses his "Unicorn Gallop" technique, which crosses his still open wound. Veronica survives and begins to rot the Unicorn Cloth, but Yuzuriha saves Yato.

An enraged Veronica uses his "Burial Fort" technique, rotting everything around, but Manigoldo used his "Seki Shiki" technique to lure Veronica's soul to Yomotsu Hirasaka, thus depriving him of the immortality granted by Thanatos. There, Manigoldo uses his "Seki Shiki Kisouen" attack to incinerate Veronica's soul.

While dying in flames, Thanatos' cosmo appears. He criticizes Veronica's incompetence and orders him to do a final suicide attack and finish Manigoldo. A five pointed star appears in Veronica's front, as he launches towards Manigoldo, both being engulfed by flames.

On Earth, Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha watch as Veronica's real body begins to rot (as well as all the Forest Of Death), and wonder what happened to Manigoldo. Later, they will realize that the Cancer Saint has won the fight and is still alive. 


Burial Fort Veronica can summon massive amounts of a jelly-like, exceptionally caustic substance, that he uses to melt anything on his path.


Queen of the Flies = Veronica invokes whole swarms of flies, even ejected from the mouth. These are used to attack and when they do these devouring everything in its path, when they reach the opponent they begin to feed on it, they can also consume dead matter like a stone. They also serve for the defense by getting in devouring attacks or attack power as they did with the Pegasus Meteor Fist.

Zombifica = Veronica can control the souls of the Underworld returning them to their former bodies thus creating hungry zombies controlled with his ​​will. The zombies obey him unconditionally and the only way to get rid of them is to remove the souls of rotting corpses or completely removing the bodies. Zombies may be aware of what they do and can even pray, but their hunger for life is more powerful, not being able to resist Veronica's control.

Immortality = Veronica is granted power by the god Thanatos at a certain point in the series; this causes Thanatos' signature Black five-pointed Star to appear on Veronica, as well as a significant increase in power, including immorality. Through this immortality, Veronica can regenerate his body, and avoid death.

The Forest Of Death = Thanatos gave Veronica the task of caring for the Forest of Death, which is a vast forest in a star. Veronica from an organ touches, have full control of the Forest,  can create illusions, to control the animals or plants in this and gives her more power zombies.


  • Veronica is a woman's name comes from Latin and means "true image". St. Veronica was the woman that while Jesus was on his way to his crucifixion, wiped his face with a cloth, when removed, discovered that the face of Jesus had been recorded in it.
  • Veronica recites the song while playing the organ is actually Psalm 23 of the Book of Psalms (The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want ...).
  • Although initially used the organ to manipulate the actions of the zombies who raises and loses control when the musical instrument is destroyed, then is able to summon zombies at will without any help or explanation.
  • Nasu Veronica is a character exclusive to the parallel story "Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas".
  • Nasu is a word used in Zoroastrianist doctrine to describe something as impure and unclean.


  • Manga Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Chapter 59
  • Ova Saint Seiya Ep.14

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