Mystic Stone Surt (ミスティックストーンのスルト, Misutikku Sutōn no Suruto) is one of Pallasites and he is a Pallasites Second Class.


Pallas CastleEdit

Surt appears for the first time when Koga,Yuna,and Shun Sōma embark on the road Álfheimr .He promises Aegeon test humans to see what they can do.

Battle Againts Saint AthenaEdit

He meets Koga,Soma and Yuna in the hall of the Crystal Dome with the intention to test and kill . The Pallasite deploys its Cosmo Reflect , pushing Kōga and the Lionet Bomber Sōma . Its power comes from the Mystic Stone that gave him Pallas , allowing him to combine attack and defense. Surt prevents Saints escape with Cosmo Conduction . He is about to kill all at the same time when Shun comes into play. Shun includes the Cosmo Reflect returns cosmos attacks it receives. Surt reuses its Cosmo Conduction against young Saints who wanted to attack the push to allow Shun study . But Nebula Chain does not pierce the defense and the legendary Saint was beaten . Surt warned his opponents that their defeat is inevitable because the Mystic Stone was created to neutralize the Saints . Shun understands that his shield lets things devoid of cosmos and has a plan , which the Pallasite welcomed because he wants to see the final assault humans. Sōma Yuna and blurs his field of vision allowing Kōga arise without Cloth or cosmos, and destroy the Mystic Stone once. Shun immobilizes the Pallasite through Nebula Stream before killing the Nebula Storm when it tries against attack.Surt dies, impressed by the power of humans.



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