Murder Phonos (殺戮(マーダー)のフォノス, Mādā no Fonosu) is one of the Dryades that bends the leaf representing the Murder. Resides in a particular portion of the Garden of Eden, where usually absorb the lives of intruders who imprisoned in his spider web.


Seeds of EvilEdit

Phonos arrives on the Sanctuary, and then scolds her, saying that her clumsiness had to change the host of the goddess Eris, and then tells him he should give Athena's body as an offering to the goddess, for later boast the power of Dryades, and it would not be hard to beat what the goddess Ate replied that it would not be necessary because Athena is not in the sanctuary and she feels the presence of another evil, which surprises Phonos and Emony as this only means that an internal conflict broke out in the Sanctuary.

Encounter MiloEdit

When Shō awake Phonos mocks calling sweet young princess, both hold a small talk, Dryade is surprised that the girl can move despite having been caught in the Silk Paralyze, Phonos then licks the cheek of the young what had been injured due to the cries of Shō, Phonos he complains that does not scream so unrefined, then explains to the girl why her wound flared to test what the girl was like, considering him nectar from the flowers of his mother, Shō asks what it will do with it what the answer Dryade what have not told him?, the Dryade tells what took the life of the young as their dinner, but a warrior wearing a amadura of Gold is present at the time freeing the young Paralyze Silk, Phonos recognizes the warrior as Milo .Milo asks if he knew his name, Phonos replied what that was and what Milo it was who in the past stopped the resurrection of his mother, Milo tells Shō  what keeps behind him, Phonos attacks the Gold Saint with his Despaired Bite  but Milo counters with his Scarlet Needle defeating Dryade who with his last strength calls his mother, Milo mocks hear this asking if it was an Oedipus complex and then tells Phonos what no longer worry how soon send her mother to keep her company.

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