Mount Olympus, originally existing on Earth and later moved to the space known as "Heaven" in Saint Seiya, was the residence of the 12 Olympian gods, founded by Zeus before the Titanomachy. It is also the original birthplace of the goddess Athena. Unlike Elysion, which was home to the souls of the good and was often visited by the gods, Olympus is completely exclusive to gods, goddesses and Angels. Some Angels are described in various religions and myths acting as messengers, but are best known for protecting the abode of the gods and being executors of the Divine Will.

Olympus could only be visited by mortals whom the gods chose, but their stay was almost always temporary. Most often, invited humans were brought to Olympus to become gods themselves (such was the case of the prince Ganymede, Princess Ariadne, the hero Heracles and Princess Psyche in mythology). Humans who tried to scale the mountain uninvited and find the gods were punished severely (the classic example being the hero Bellerophon, who was struck by lightning for trying to climb Olympus).

In Saint Seiya, it is known that several of the gods (Zeus, Artemis, Apollo and Ares) live here, as did Athena once.

In Saint Seiya Next Dimension we saw some areas of Olympus: the Sanctuary of Artemis, the lake of time abode of the god chrono...

Appearances Edit

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