Modeler Morpheus (造形者モルペウス, Zōkeisha Morupeusu) is the fourth of the sons of Hypnos, the one in charge of controlling the dreams of heroes and monarchs.



Morpheus is sent with his three brothers in search of tenma , with orders to imprison his body and soul into Morphia , a place in the Dream World where they are trapped souls of heroes and kings. After get it without difficulty, Morpheus locks Tenma in a dream in which Hades and Athena are still mere children, and where the Holy War do not exist, making Tenma believe that everything that happened so far has been only a dream. But attempts to rescue Athena Tenma, taking control of your "younger self" in the dream, and guiding you to a picture of Sagittarius Sisyphe , thus awakening Tenma memory before being expelled by Morpheus sleep and causing the Saint wake the false reality.

Upon release of the power of Morpheus, Tenma attacks with his technique Pegasus Ryu Shu ken , but is unaffected Morpheus, trapping Tenma Poppies in a network of the Underworld, to absorb all his feelings and emotions to leave an empty shell . But then, moved only by sheer force of will, Tenma is released, and his Cloth becomes a Gold Cloth , striking a single blow then ends with Morpheus, who realizes before he died that Tenma had a vision in the Hades that he seemed to be made of the effect of awakening the poppies. Later his soul would be claimed by his brother Oneiros to form a monstrous creature, but is destroyed by the sagittarius Golden Arow, imbued by the Cosmos of Athena, and split into four by El Cid to attack the four souls to time.


His story is very similar to the sleeve with slight changes, like his first appearance, for while in the manga he never comes face to face with Capricorn El Cid , in the anime accompanies his brothers Oneiros, Phantasos and Icelus when they come their way from the Gold Saints . Their attack has no name in the manga, but the anime Morphium receives from Coma. Finally, this version does not interfere Athena Tenma's dream, but is weakened by the god Phantasos yelled at death, and Tenma is the image of Sisyphus by itself.

Special features of the armor

His armor is classified as surplis, although not part of the 108 ordinary shares. It covers almost all of his body, but has no special powers or weapons, its freezing point is unknown

Morpheus is the Latin word for Morpheus, god of dreams, which affects especially the kings and heroes of mythology. It was, according to sources, the son of Hypnos(sleep) and Nyx (night). One of the principal deities of what is called Oneiroi (deities who embody the dreams) generated by Nyx. Morfeo sleeping humans and appears to them in dreams in various forms, most of the real time, for example, under the features of a loved one. It is this god in various works of literature and is used today the etymological basis of his name for some words like Morphine, a plant of the race of poppies sleeping pills, used as an analgesic, but causes many problems dependency.

According to Heise, Moprheus is the son of Nyx Primordial Goddess of the Night, THROUGH born in Cicero says Parthenogenesis or through union with Erebus incarnation of Darkness. Morpheus is the oldest of triplets known as Oneiros (Morpheus, Icelus Phantosos). The assistants are Oneiros Hypnos, the god of sleep, he brings the calm dreams to mortals and gods if they fall under his power. Morpheus ve a Hypnos como una figura paterna al ver como Hypnos toma a su cuidado a sus hermanos. Hypnos Morpheus sees as a father figure to see Hypnos takes care of his brothers.

Saint Seiya's character is inspired by the mythological character, but Morpheus loses its status of main deity of dreams for Oneiros that does not exist as such in the mythology. Morphine is full of poppies.


Morphium Coma :

  • A technique that slowly robs feelings, sensations and emotions of the target, in the form of flowers manifestándolas Poppies Underworld multicolored.

  • In the anime, Morpheus demonstrates the ability to launch powerful bursts of energy, but does not mention any name for this technique.


  • "Morpheus" means "shaper" in Greek, probably making a reference to the fact that shapes dreams.

  • Apparently El Cid destroys the soul of Morpheus and his brothers with the Golden Arrow sent by Sisyphus and Athena, completely destroying them, a way by the author to explain why these gods did not appear in the twentieth century battle.