Morning Star Tarvos (モーニングスターのタルヴォス, Mōningu Sutā no Taruvosu) is one of Pallasite at the service of the goddess, Pallas. Sometimes referred as "Star Crusher Tarvos", he was sent in a mission to kill Pegasus Kōga. Tarvos is an Pallasites Third Class.


First Battle With KogaEdit

Tarvos first appears in Orphan Island, participated in the meeting between Subaru and Kōga , after its formal submission, plans Tarvos face Kōga. however Subaru decides to confront him, Subaru begins demonstrating superior in battle, without armor Subaru subsequently achieved harm  and Tatsumi who protected Kōga and convinced him to return to wearing the Pegasus Clostone. later Kōga manages Tarvos to flee after attacking him with his Pegasus Ryusei Ken.

Second Battle With KogaEdit

Some time later, Tarvos crosses the road again Kōga and Subaru, in a village where almost all the inhabitants were frozen by the Chrono Delayed. Having observed Pegasus Koga break with rage a squad of soldiers Pallasites, Tarvos attempts to destabilize saying that both are similar because they indulge in violence. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the strategy is short-lived, because Subaru manages to reason with his companion. Koga defeated once again Tarvos with his Pegasus  Ryūsei Ken. That his Chronotector shattered, is forced to fight again in retirement.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit


tarvos used his chronotector full amor to fight agains koga and ryuho

When Saints Ahena invade Pallas Belda, Tarvos - wearing a new Chronotector - is the first Pallasite to stand in their way. It provides easily defeated the Steel Saints trying to oppose him. Koga decides to settle once and for all accounts with the colossus and asked his companions to continue their journey. However, Ryuho, fearing that his friend joins headlong against his opponent, eventually retrace his steps to lend a hand.

With his shield, he can counter the various assaults Tarvos while Kōga is responsible for the attack. Koga defeated his opponent by chaining Pegasus Suisei Ken and Pegasus Rolling Crash. Tarvos, private again of protection, leave this time his life.


Iron Meteor : Tarvos combines his cosmos with his Morning Star, and strikes the ground with a large force, creating a shock wave that throws enemies away.


Morgenstern : a large heavy weapon with thorns, can cause tremors in the ground and break a steel armor, it also has the ability to stretch to bind enemies from a long distance . Kōga ends up destroying the Star Crusher during his match with Tarvos.


  • Tarvos is named after a Gallic deity, Tarvos Trigaranus, a bull who allows 3 cranes to perch on his back, and sometimes shown with 3 horns. The function and abilities of this deity are not known.
  • Morgenstern is German for "morning star", in reference to the weapon Tarvos uses.
  • His name probably indicates his Pallasite Class, as the deity he is named after is strongly associated with the number 3 (3 cranes and 3 horns).
  • Tarvos is also a moon of Saturn.


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