Mizar Zeta Syd (ゼータ星ミザールのシド, Zēta-sei Mizāru no Shido) is a God Warrior of Asgard. Syd represents the Zeta Star of Ursa Major Constellation.


Seemingly the only son of a wealthy Asgardian family, but has a dark secret : he actually has a twin brother that his parents abandoned as a baby due to the laws of Asgard. That is why Syd grew up not knowing he actually had a twin brother named Bud. He introduces himself at the Kido Mansion as an "ambassador" from Asgard, asking for Athena's head. He announces having defeated Taurus Aldebaran with a single blow, and mocks Athena's Saints, incurring the wrath of the Saints present at the scene. He faces off with a few of the Bronze Saints, dispatching Jabu, Ban, Nachi, Ichi and Geki with a flick of the hand. As he was about to attack Athena, Shun and Seiya arrive at the scene and face off with him. Just as Shun was about to be dealt a lethal blow, Ikki intervenes, but just as the fight was about to escalate, Athena orders the five Bronze Saint stop the fight. Syd then acknowledges the Saints will be worthy foes before retreating.

In the Asgard fight within Valhalla Palace, he is the penultimate warrior (with his brother Bud) in combat. He stops the Saint's advance, and immobilizes them, then faces an uphill battle and is defeated by Shun and Nebular Storm. He still retains the strength to encourage his brother Bud to defeat the Saints and win the Zeta God Robe. Syd knew he had a protective shadow, Bud, but he would not get his attention and let him know his love until then. In the end, dying, Syd acknowledges Bud and asks Ikki to kill them both. His brother Bud refuses to kill him because he was moved by what Ikki taught him, so utimately Syd falls lifeless, and Bud takes his body back to where they were born, the house of his parents.

Star and Robe

Mizar - Star Zeta: The God Robe of Mizar is the Smilodon tiger. The Smilodon is an extinct feline, popularly known as the saber-tooth tiger, who lived in North America and South America for ten thousand years. These felines ranged greatly in size, had specimens that measured more than three feet long. They were strictly carnivores, and their upper canine teeth could be up to eight inches long. In mythology, they were represented as the two cats Golden Snow, whose first called Bygul (the name means "Golden Bee", ie Mel) and second Trjegul (the name means "Golden Tree", ie Amber), who pulled the chariot of Freya, goddess of fertility.

Robe: Mizar is the Zeta Star in the constellation Ursa Major. The armor totem has the shape of a black sabertooth tiger.


Viking Tiger Claw (バイキング・タイガー・クロウ, (Baikingu Taigā Kurō): His most used attack. Once Syd's nails take on the appearance of actual claws, it shoots at very high speed a lot of sharp hits, while producing a slight freezing effect in the body of his enemy.

Blue Impulse (ブルー・インパルス, (Burū Inparusu): Syd's strongest technique. After lifting and opening his arms, icebergs appear to his back as a sort of big blue atom is created from his Odin Sapphire, which is released after breaking the ice. According to Syd, it is the fury of the Arctic Ocean and was able to incapacitate Shun.


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