Mira (ミラー Mirā?) is a Pallasite who does not feel he fits in the ranking systems of the others and in fact does not fight for Pallas at all but rather for his own enjoyment, and particularly enjoys destroying the Saints' Cloths.


Battle Of Pallas VeldaEdit

Without ChronectorEdit

Mira is briefly seen holding a battle without using His Cronotech against Silver Saint, Menkar, which defeat and destroy their Cloth using his glove. Later, appears before Koga, Haruto, Ryuho and Subaru destroying the breast and Armor helmet Subaru and destroying the right shoulder as well as Pegasus Cloth also destroys the legendary Dragon Shield. In the battle against Mira, Haruto sacrifices his cloth to give a blow to Pallasite, which deflects the last minute, which makes it is very angry with the attack, without fulfilling his promise to retire. He was preparing to launch his deadly attack into a ball of energy, but is interrupted by Europe, which says do not despair for the Saints, to save energies for future battles and then leaves the battlefield.Reveal Cloth Stone also has other Saints who fought against him, becoming his trophies of victory.

Used ChronectorEdit

As he prepares to start Kōga, Ikki made ​​its appearance. He dismisses the young Saints and saw action with Mira, who already covets his Cloth. By cunning, Mira managed to destroy with its Element Rejection. Ikki tells him that the Phoenix always rises from the ashes and resurrected his Cloth. Impressed, the Pallasite wants to own. During the fight, Ikki uses his Phoenix Genma Ken but the illusion resulting weakens little Mira. Yet the Phoenix adorning its new attack and puts it on the ground with his Hō Yoku Tenshō, recovering fragments Cloths. While Pallasite now wants to put a definitive end to the fight, he again interrupted by Europe, and goes with him.


  • Mira is the only Pallasite without a given rank.
  • His name, like his fellows, was based on asteroid. However, there appears to be no mythological counterpart as well.
  • Mira is also the name of a red-giant star in the Cetus constellation.
  • His techniques contain garbling actions, as are for a villain.



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