Miko Hasegawa (長谷川 美子, Hasegawa Miko) is an archaeologist investigating ruins in Egypt with Aiolia and Sagittarius Aiolos.


Miko is a curious girl, friendly and of gentle nature, which frequently draws gasps or loud expressions, making it a fun person.

Seven years after the events of Volume 0: Hen Aioros she has matured considerably, although in certain situations there are reminiscences of "old Miko". In Chapter 77 of her current manga has also been shown to be a naughty girl wanting to "stay and stand guard in case you need something" when Lizard Misty bathing in a river.


Sagittarius Chapter

One day in Egypt Miko is a ruin in which decides to investigate to see if he can find something that is of great value. Reports Just what do you have to the authorities, these must inform the Sanctuary in Greece, which sent a team to investigate what this is all about. When Miko is ready to venture into the ruins is informed that a charge of accompanying guide, but acércanse night and is tired of waiting, decides to go on his own, in a guide that appears improvised Aiolos, however he apparently does not understand very well the language of the young so they avoid talking too much. Miko also can speak English very well, what fairly impossible. Aioros guides for a while the girl, however set to take care of her brother while investigating something in the ruins, promising to return soon.

Resigned, Miko waits to see he has found, as she thinks she should be digging in the ruins and caring nanny brothers outside. And while Aioros Apophis would meet some of the subjects of this attack and Aioria Miko, who manages to beat although still in the stage of training to become a saint. Miko would be surprised to see such power by the two brothers. With a mission already accomplished, Aiolos and Aiolia leave. Miko, sadly, means that "to live in totally different worlds" do not ever see again. But this is not so, both appear again in front of her. Surprised, he asks the reason for his return, to which Aioros replied that "he had forgotten to tell you something very important, and therefore could not leave," causing a terrible embarrassment in the face of the girl, thinking of a possible declaration of love. However, this illusion breaks Airos, saying that "if it was not much trouble to give him his pay for having helped guide". Furious, Miko note that the speech of both has changed a lot in such a short period of time, Aioros explains what he understands very well that if your language only meant that it would be easier for him to complete his mission and that she would not ask any questions. Seeing deception refuses to pay so Aioros uses the appeal, because he has spent all his money buying souvenirs for his brother (whom he greatly aware of) and therefore needs your help to return home , and in return promises to do what she asked.

Smiling, Miko will come asking you to find ancient ruins through dowsing and if you can find something she'll give you the money and then will return to Greece.