200px-Midgard robe
The Robe is one of Midgard Divine Robes worn by God Warriors of Asgard during the movie The Heated Battle of the Gods.

username was Hyoga, Knight Swan, who has been brainwashed by Durbal, the Leader of the God Warriors of the season.


She is Jormungand, a gigantic serpent which was the son of Loki; Jormungand was kidnapped by Odin, and cast into the sea of Midgard, where he grew even more, Midgard (Midgarðsormr; Midgard Serpent), better known as Jormungand, is the second child of Loki with Angrboda giant. Its brothers Fenris and Hel. Midgardson estremamente is a poisonous sea snake destined to die at the hands of Thor at Ragnarök, mortally wounding the god of thunder, who also die.


This Robe, like all Robe, is characteristic protect most of the user's body; including full legs, arms and torsion; Have a visor on the helmet that protects the face; and also the typical red color. During the Battle of the Gods, Hyoga wore a mask underneath the visor, apparently just to protect their identity.

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