Japanese ミッドガルド
Romanization Middogarudo
Alias(es) Midgardson God Warrior
General Information
Classification God Warrior of Odin
Deity Odin
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe Midgardson God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Cygnus
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Silvery
Abilities shown Temperature manipulation
Named techniques Aurora Thunder Attack
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 14 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Russia
Place of training Siberia
Place of death Asgard[1]
Blood type O
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Birthday January 23
Height 173 cm
Weight 60 kg
Master Aquarius Camus
Crystal Saint (anime-only)
Debut The Heated Battle of the Gods
Appearances The Heated Battle of the Gods
Japanese voice Kōichi Hashimoto
English voice
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Midgard (ミッドガルド, Middogarudo) is a heavily disguised God Warrior, whose real identity is uncovered by Dragon Shiryu (Actually Midgard is Cygnus Hyoga who had been brainwashed by Drbal).


When Athena, Frey, Freiya Bronze Saints go down the stairs of the palace of Valhalla, Midgard, Uru and Rungu stand in his way, Frey orders them to depart and after a while they do not move, Midgard blocks Shiryu's way but moves aside due to the order of Loki, Shiryu, feels a very familiar cosmos in him.

Migdard intercepts Shiryu in a forest while on his way to save Athena, this prompts Midgard to take off his helmet and mask, revealing his true identity, Hyoga. Shiryu, who approaches and squeezes his hand to greet him, but actually uses his freezing power to immobilize Shiryu's right arm. Hyoga then throws him into the air and hits him several times without resistance put by the Dragon because he does not consider Hyoga an enemy but a friend. Hyoga keeps attacking and Shiryu asks the reason why he acts that way, Hyoga says that when he came to Asgard he realized that Odin was the most powerful surpassing even Athena and that the god warriors are the most powerful out there, so he decided to become one of the holy warriors that serve Odin. After falling into a lake water He freezes it and prepares to deliver the coup da grace, Shiryu, determined to return his friend to normal prepares his Rozan Shoryuha. After both clash, Hyoga's god robe is destroyed and Shiryu filled with regret, falls to the frozen waters.


  • Midgard is the term in Norse mythology for Earth, the world of men. The word means "Middle Enclosure", as Earth was at the center of the World Ash Tree, Yggdrasil (which represented the universe and from which the nine worlds of Nordic myth hung suspended).
  • It is fitting that Hyoga, as the Cygnus Saint, briefly ended up as one of the God Warriors, as they are based on Nordic/Germanic myth and Wagnerian opera. In Germanic myth, there is a legend about a swan knight, usually named Lohengrin (Loherangrin), who arrives from nowhere in a boat drawn by the graceful birds to protect a maiden in danger of losing her inheritance. He soon marries her, but in return for his services, he asks that she never ask his real name. Ultimately, his bride is persuaded to ask the forbidden question; the swan knight reveals his name and his position as a knight who guards the Holy Grail but, due to the wife breaking her promise, he has to now leave her (in some variants, this is because a Grail Knight is forbidden to do good deeds unless they are done anonymously, as per the virtue of Humility). He steps back into his swan boat and departs, never to be seen again. This legend was adapted by the composer Richard Wagner into the famous opera Lohengrin. 


  1. There, his fake personality created by Sheikh Thorvald was destroyed by Dragon Shiryū.