Mermaid Scale

The Mermaid Scale (マーメイドスケイル, Māmeido Sukeiru) is the Scale of the Mariner Thetis in Saint Seiya. It is a Scale that an ordinary Mariner would wear, the only one seen in the series.

Anything But a Manatee...Edit

In ancient days, Sailors would spend long amounts of time at sea. Over time, certain needs would come, and they would come hope telling of Mermaids, beautiful part woman, part fish that they had lain with. Of course, these were speculated to have been the Manatee, or Sea-Cow, due to a certain anatomical similarity between it's female and the human female. Nevertheless, these legends continued to endure over the centuries, though no such creature has ever been confirmed.

The Mermaid Scales represent a Mermaid, a half-woman, half-fish being found in the folklore of several cultures, that would enchant sailors with their beautiful voices, and then kill them.

Special Abilities of the Mermaid ScaleEdit

The Mermaid Scale never shows any particular special ability beyond that of a regular Scale.

Techniques used by Mermaid MarinersEdit

  • Death Trap Coral (デストラップコーラル, desu Torappu Kōraru): An anime-only attack

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