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Merak Beta Hägen

Nihongo ベータ星メラクのハーゲン
Rōmaji bēta sei meraku no hāgen
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Occupation God Warriors
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Loyalty Odin
Saint Seiya Anime Episode 74

Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Bin Shimada

Skills information
  • Great Ardent Pressure
  • Universe Freezing

Merak Beta Hägen (β星メラクのハーゲン Bēta-sei Meraku no Hāgen?) is one of the seven Gods Warriors of Asgard. This character appears only in the anime adaptation of Saint Seiya.


Hagen is a young noble friend Freya's childhood, and the best friend of Siegfried. In his youth he showed a marked preference for Freya, what makes you think that he loved her. He trained in deep lava cave where it was proposed to be the strongest warrior to protect his beloved. However, upon learning that Freya had left Asgard with Hyoga , flew into a rage and chased the Knight of the Swan, in an apparent fit of jealousy. During the fight between the two, Hagen, led to the cavern Hyōga training in which the unbearable heat of the lava weakened Hyōga who was about to be defeated. Freya's arrival prevented the Hagen arrojase Hyōga the magma body. Hagen noting preference for Hyōga Freya, dominated by jealousy, did not hesitate to attack it with all his might. Hyōga furious at this cowardly attitude, ended with his execution Hagen Aurora. Freya to wake up and realize what happened, wept bitterly the departure of his friend.


Merakbeta cloth
The Merak Beta Cloth
ExtorchicAdded by Extorchic

Hägen's Robe represents the eight legged horse Sleipnir. In Norse mythology, Sleipnir is the steed of the Norse God Odin and the fastest horse in all nine worlds, with the ability to travel anywhere, including to Hel and back. A disguised giant once offered to rebuild the walls of Asgard in return for the goddess Freya's hand in marriage, as well as the sun and moon. Despite the outrage, Loki convinces the gods to accept the terms, giving extremely hard conditions for the giant to fulfill. However, with aid of his magic horse, Svaðilfari, the giant is able to nearly complete the walls in the determined deadline. To save himself from death at the hands of his fellow gods, Loki changes himself into a mare and seduces Svaðilfari; the giant is unable to complete the walls in time and Thor kills him when he is shown to be a giant. The product of Loki's coupling with Svaðilfari is Sleipnir, whom Odin takes as his own.

Star Beta Merak is in the Ursa Major constellation .

Power and abilitiesEdit

Mighty warrior of Asgard. Along with Siegfried and Syd, Hagen forms the line of the three strongest warrior gods. Dominates both the cold as heat:

  • Force Frost Universe Freezing: It has three variations;
    • Variation 1 - A large mass of cold air going toward your opponent, that freezes quickly.
    • Variation 2 - A blizzard that is directed towards the opponent, freezing him up inside. The cold flushes used by Hagen come down near absolute 0. This scam quickly breaks defenses such as walls or spheres of the cosmos.
    • Variation 3 - Rays of ice, which are capable of freezing fire. If the opponent is frozen, it is impossible to break the ice.

  • Greatest Ardent Pressure: It has two variants;
    • Variation 1 - Power of the flames which, coupled with extreme heat, quickly overwhelms the opponent. This flame can defrost anything.
    • Variation 2 - Hagen makes huge flames go out of his wrist and go directly to the opponent, causing his soul to burn.
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