Mephistopheles Yōma (天魁星 メフィストフェレスの杳馬 Tenkaisei Mefisutoferesu no Yōma?) is a Specter. He appears before Gemini Aspros to thwart his attempt on Hades' life, as he seeks revenge for his reincarnation of Earth. It is later revealed that Yoma is Kairos, a former Time god and the younger brother of Khronos, a superior god of time.

Background & PersonalityEdit


As Kairos, Yoma was originally a god of time, specifically of opportunities and special moments. However, he has stated to have been defeated and sealed into a human form by the gods, including his brother Khronos. Unlike other gods, Kairos's incarnation was forced, making it so that like other humans he can age, be harmed and also die. On Earth, Youma was born in Japan, but traveled abroad, feeling sufocated with the shogunate's peace, as his evil star woke up inside him. One day, he saw a comet pass through the sky; it was the Pegasus spirit. He followed it through the sea, until he reached a foreign land (Germany), where the Specters who had their evil star awakened reunited. He soon encountered the Heinstein Castle, and met Partita, in whom he found the Pegasus spirit.

Encounter with AsprosEdit

While tracking the spirit of Pegasus, Yoma passed by the Sanctuary in Greece, where he found the young Aspros training alone. He asked him where the Pegasus saint was, to which Aspros replied that there was still no Pegasus Saint yet. He then asked if he wouldn't train with another young aspiring Saint he saw. The young Saint said that was Defteros, his younger brother. Yoma says that he likes the seconds, as they aways want to kill the firsts. Aspros angrily says his brother would never do that, just to see that his brother is training around, with a power alike to his own. Surprised, he doesn't realize Yoma was planting a seed of darkness in him, which would later ruin his life.


After arriving at the Heinstein Castle, Youma became one of the servants of Pandora's family, and marries Partita. She soon becomes pregnant, giving birth to their son Tenma. Some time after that, Youma steals the newborn Hades, Pandora's brother, and take him away from the castle, and thereby from the twin gods Hypnos and Thanatos. He hides Hades within the purest child in the world, Alone, and, disguising himself as a priest, Yoma gives the newborn to a lovely couple. He soon watched Athena, the goddess of wisdom and Hades's archenemy, reincarnate as Sasha, the sister of Alone, and his own son Tenma going to live in the same foster care with the two gods after Partita's untimely death; Yoma becomes excited about how this would proceed.

Battle of the Lost CanvasEdit

As Gemini Aspros attempts to kill Hades, Yoma stops time, and shows himself to them, mounted on a pegasus. It is revealed that he is Tenma's father, and one of Hades's Specters. He then, apparently, kills Aspros, by summonning a vortex which disintegrates his body into quantum particles and sends them to another dimension (Marvelous Room). After leaving, he manages to go to the Temple of Mercury, of which he is guardian. Once there, he stops Regulus and Shion in time, leaving only Tenma and Sasha conscious. He then hugs Tenma, praising him for being his son. Tenma kicks him, saying that he couldn't be his father. Yoma then responds by showing himself in the past, with Partita and the infant Tenma, together with Pandora, much to his surprise. He then reveals he stole Hades's spirit from the Heinstein castle, and that their connection was shaped according to Yoma's desire. The Mephistopheles Specter then proceeds to confront Sasha about her reincarnation as a mere human and as Hades's sister, wondering what would come from that. Sasha answers that all she wanted was stop these Holy Wars, or at least this one, by showing Alone how life can be wonderful, by sharing the same feelings. Yoma, surprised, states that gods don't do that. He then gives Sasha to Tenma, and leaves.

Yoma meets his end at Aspros's hand; it is revealed that the Gemini Saint had survived against Yoma as Aspros himself is also a Specter. Aspros uses Galaxian Explosion on Yoma, but this only has the effect of revealing Yoma's true identity as Kairos, the younger brother of Khronos. Kairos wants revenge for being sealed in a human body on Earth, forcing him to reincarnate among humans and feel an eternal cycle of pain and death. After Kairos's explanation, he uses his spears to prevent Aspros from moving while he finishes him off, but the Gemini Cloth protects its wearer; Kairos wonders if Gemini Deuteros was protecting his older brother. This allows Aspros to use Genro Mao Ken to trap Kairos in an illusion, where he babbles about his hatred of his brother and the gods of Olympus, and his weakness as a god in his mortal body.

Kairos then attacks Aspros, using Marvelous Real, which began to rip Aspros's body apart within a vortex of opposing rotations. Luckily, using Next Dimension, Aspros teleports them both to the Path of the Gods, where Aspros explains that as Karios isn't a fully reincarnated god, with no God Cloth, he will be destroyed body and soul if he is pushed any closer into the dimension. Aspros then explains that he will seal Kairos's soul in the 108 beads Rosary, which destroys Yoma/Kairos. As he suffers defeat, Kairos/Yoma reflects on his love for Owl Partita and how much he missed her.

He is later seen within the 108 beads, being held in his wife's arms. Finally it is revealed that the one holding the bead of the rosary was none other than Alone, revealing that he was using Kairos/Yoma all this time for his own objectives.

Surplice, Star and NameEdit

  • Mephistopheles Surplice

Youma's surplice is based on Mephistopheles/Mephisto, which happens to be one of the physically bulkier armor, note pads and thigh. The helmet is quite similar to the armor of Capricorn, but the horns are not the same size. His armor also has the characteristic of having a "wings" that look more like cobwebs with 12 arrows, which when placed in an arc, seem like the hands of a clock. In Judeo-Christian writings, Mephistopheles is one of the seven princes of hell, and appears in Goethe's novel Faust. In the story, the eponymous character, switching from science to witchcraft, summons Mephistopheles, and the two agree to a contract in which Faust can have whatever he desires for 24 years, but must hand over his soul at the end of that time. To Mephistopheles's fury, by repenting his evil ways, Faust is able to elude Hell at the end of the 24 years and is accepted into Heaven. His name can be translated as "not a lover of light" or "the destroyer liar". Mephistopheles represents the most refined of the devil: sadistic but gentlemanly, psychopath but refined, defining characteristics that suit quite well Youma.

  • Heavenly Chief Star

From the Water Margin story, his star originates from the character Song Jiang, leader of that ancient gang.

  • Youma

Youma's name is often used as the word for "monster" in Japanese. However, in the case of the kanji, Youma's name actually roughly translates to mean "dark horse", which is an expression used to mean an obscure person or thing that suddenly comes into fame or success despite not being expected to do so.

Fighting SkillsEdit

  • Marvelous Room (マーベラスルーム, Māberasu Rūmu): With a simple hand gesture Yoma creates a vortex of time and space, able to dissolve and disintegrate the enemy's body into quantum particles (minimum units of any physical entity).
  • Rewind Bio (リワインドバイオ, Riwaindo Baio): Yoma materializes a clock on his opponent, representing that person's timeline. He then turns the timeline completely backwards, causing the foe to devolve so far they become pre-fetal, essentially erasing them from existence.
  • Real Marvelous (リアルマーベラス, Riaru Māberasu): Yoma's most powerfull attack. He uses it while in his original form as Kairos, against Aspros. It creates a massive dark whirlpool against the enemy, which fatally lacerates the body in opposing rotations.

Special SkillsEdit

  • Controling Time: As a former Time God, Yoma could stop time in a given area, using the clock he carries in his pocket, although he may also do it without the clock. He could foresee some future events, although this is limited, as during his fight with Aspros, Yoma apparently could not see his own future defeat.
  • With his Cosmos, he can implant a seed of darkness within a person that makes their personality change radically, generating discord among others.
  • When revealing his true appearance, Yoma/Kairos has a gigantic circle behind him, with spears all over it; forming the shape of a clock with hands. Kairos could use the spears against his opponent.


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