Mephistopheles Surplice
The Mephistopheles Surplice is one of Surplices.


Youma's surplice is based on Mephistopheles/Mephisto, which happens to be one of the physically bulkier armor, note pads and thigh. The helmet is quite similar to the armor of Capricorn, just that these are not the same size. His armor also has the characteristic of having a "wings" that look more like cobwebs with 12 arrows, which when placed in an arc, seem like the hands of a clock. In Judeo-Christian writings, Mephistopheles is one of the seven princes of hell, and appears in Goethe's novel Faust. In the story, the eponymous character, switching from science to witchcraft, summons Mephistopheles, and the two agree to a contract in which Faust can have whatever he desires for 24 years, but must hand over his soul at the end of that time. To Mephistopheles's fury, by repenting his evil ways, Faust is able to elude Hell at the end of the 24 years and is accepted into Heaven. His name can be translated as "not a lover of light" or "the destroyer liar". Mephistopheles represents the most refined of the devil: sadistic but gentlemanly, psychopath but refined, defining characteristics that suit quite well Youma.

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