Ymir et Méthone
Previous Version

The Chronotector has a sort of similar to a number "3" rippling, unifies neck protector chest guard which has two petals like ripples located in the chest , shoulder pads have a similar pattern but changed his potion extending a up with the " horn" horizontally, while the other pad change your potion and the potion of " horn" , the chest protection protection that meets the waist protector which has the number extends " 3 " , protecting the waist is divided into four parts, providing protection to the pelvis , thighs and back of Pallasite , protecting feet extending from the ankles to completely cover the foot , on the back extending protection similar to a petal of a flower protection , protection cover arms reach from the elbows to the knuckles with a design of " arrow " but his point was elbow protection in part of the cuff are three claws on each arm .

new VersionEdit

After killing Ymir and absolve their power through Antilímite not only Metone undergoes changes but also their Cronotech, which has its left half blue and red right hand, both the tiara, the protector central waist and neck protector are completely blue, on the right hand has claws used by Ymir which are red while the left uses the grip used by Metone that are blue, the shoulder pad on the left side of Ymir changes position to the right side, while the Metone changes position to the right side, the rest of the Cronotech retains its original design.

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