660px-Marte Invasión

The Martians are loyal warriors serving Mars . So far, not much is known about the nature of these warriors and their exact origin, some sources claim that they are aliens although this has never been confirmed. According to some sources, Mars has spent many years, perhaps centuries, studying the life forms on Earth, and concluded that insects are living things that are best adapted to the changing environment. Mars decided to take inspiration from them to create the armor of his army. The vast majority are Mars Army soldiers wear armor similar to that of his deity except that these are blue and purple. army soldier represents all animal life on earth. Both soldiers Martian, Martian high or the same God has control of darkness element, although there may be a second element in them as susede with Mars.


Four Heavenly Kings of MarsEdit

For the members, see: Four Heavenly Kings of Mars

High MartiansEdit


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