These soldiers are the last rank of the army of God Mars are generally weak and some may be strong.


Soldado de Gran tamaño

A soldier of Big Size

They are simple soldiers, no manifestation of the cosmos and can be easily defeated even to the Bronze Saints.however, some seem to be as strong as Bronze Saints, as evidenced by one of the guards of the Tower of Babel, which blocks easily, with a wave of the hand, a pegasus Ryu sei ken of Koga before facing directly, the size of these soldiers varies as shown when haruto defeats a large soldier soldiers but generally the same size.


The Opening of Saint Seiya Omega The Protagonists ( Pegasus Kōga , Lionet Sōma , Aquila Yuna , Dragon Ryūhō , Wolf Haruto and Orion Eden ) are defeated by using the elements of the Cosmo .


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