One of the Martians, The Palaestra was attacked together with the subordinate. Martian Commander can use the element of Darkness.


He invades the Palaestra from several other Martians after the destruction of the barrier imposed  Athena at the hands of Capricorn Ionia .

The Martians announced for young Bronze Saint and members of the Palaestra that Mars took over the school, and they must swear allegiance to him or die. By denying the alliance, the representative director is attacked by Captain and becomes unconscious.

Geki (Omega), in turn deceives Martians, seem to pretend that swear their loyalty to Mars. Taking the off guard, the former Bronze Saints Bear inspires young people to fight against the army of Mars.
Darkness Bind

He is later seen in the Mars Castle , reporting under orders Hornet Sonia does not know the location of the Bronze saints , to the interruption Cerberus Dore .

It is seen again in the Bronze Saints attack the Mars Castle, where orders the soldiers to spread due to lack of Silver Saints , who were on a mission for the world.

Special features of the GalaxyEdit

Galaxyfollows the standards of the other warriors of Mars : It is predominantly black with red details, covering a large percentage of the body. His helmet covers much of the head, while leaving the face exposed. It was revealed that this galaxy is arthropod.

Fighting SkillsEdit

Like all Martians, he has control over the element Of Darkness . Presents a technique that consists in forming a kind of gauntlet of black energy around his fist and uses in melee attacks. This technique is also used by Martians who accompanied him.

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