Mars Galaxy is belongs to the class of galaxies, the armor worn by the minions of Mars. The Armour of God is the pattern of red and black colors, but had three different formats.


First Wars Again AthenaEdit

Marte Original
In the first battle against Athena, Mars wears a black armor with red details. One of these details is red chest, shoulder pads and helmet are rounded in the mouth is opened. As seen quickly in the second opening, has a golden belt.

Second Wars Againt AthenaEdit

Like the Armor of Athena, the Galaxy Mars also has changed with the fall of the meteor, sent by Medea. The shoulders were sharp. The chest absorbed the darkness of Absu, turning it into a galaxy. The helmet is now all closed and has a flame at the top of his helmet.

Last WarEdit

When fighting Kouga and his son, Eden, the Galaxy Mars has undergone some changes. One of them, now the head is covered by a flame, the case covers the legs, giving the appearance of a Djiin, demonic creature of Islamic mythology that looks like a genie lamp.

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