Margarites Drakon(Pearl Dragon) (真珠ノ竜(マルガリーテースのドラコーン), Marugarītēsu Dorakōn) is one of the Giants and one of Kronos's three guardian planets that usually take the form of his three long locks of hair. Possessing a gigantic Cosmo, he is one of the strongest Giants.


He has the ability to attack by throwing ten thousand water needles at his opponents, an attack which is stopped by Aquarius Camus when he fights the Gold Saints in the Time Labyrinth.

Power and abilitiesEdit

  • Breath (息吹(ブレス), Buresu)
  • Tail Attack (尻尾撃(テイルアタック), Teiru Atakku)
  • Dunamis Pneuma (神力息吹(デュナミス プネウマ), Dyunamisu Puneuma)

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