Mantis Ordykia (マンティスのオルデュキア Mantisu no Orudyukia?) One of the Martians (火星士 Māshian?), or Mars Knights, the warriors at the service of Mars, a member of their scout troops. Ordykia can use the element of Darkness.


Belonging to the unit recognition Martians , Mantis Ordykia is responsible for overseeing the troops of Athena.
Having discovered two Bronze Saints ( Kōga and Sōma ), he decides to spy to learn more about them.
Sōma and Kōga eventually discover that they are watched and Mantis Ordykia decides to reveal himself to them, knowing that the two young Bronze Saints in principle it below.Indeed, Koga and soma do not lead to large face spy in March , playing with them like a cat plays with a mouse, using balls of darkness to weaken more.

Sōma ends to earth after protecting Kōga a ball of darkness. Mantis Ordykia decides to have played enough and reveals his arcane Dark Mist , which plunges the young Saints in absolute darkness.
Mantis Ordykia, hidden in the darkness, the opportunity to wear Sōma to sneak attacks, which can not distinguish his opponent. In addition, Soma can not concentrate enough to use the element of Fire , in which he had to dispel the darkness. However, Kōga, abandoned by Mantis Ordykia, the opportunity to recall that Sōma taught him earlier on elements , and manages to create light , thus dispersing the darkness to the surprise of Ordychia. Sōma benefits then this time to hit the Martian's with Flame Desperado .
Mantis Ordykia fled, wounded. Once in the woods it believes find reinforcement in the person of Sonia , but this simply the blind without saying a word, perhaps to punish him for his failure.


Dark Mist : Produces dark, covering the environment, preventing the opponent's vision. It then uses to attack with quick, successive blows.


Mantis Ordykia

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