Malice Emony (悪意(マリス)のエモニ, Marisu no Emoni) is one of the Dryades in Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō.


Seeds of EvilEdit

Emony wakes when her older sister back to the sanctuary by the guest of his mother, which responds Atë to be patient, her brother quickly joins the combersación, where both the enterase sopreden Dryades is that the Saints have a war internal caused by an evil that threatened the life of Athena, Emony gets excited at this revelation, then Emony and his brothers look like the tree that contains Kyōko releases the seeds of evil.

Encounter MiiEdit

Emony is heading to Japan led by his curiosity to know the enemy of her mother, Athena, there Young Dryade watches from a tree to the goddess, but gets bored and decides to make a "prank" seeing germinate the seed of evil in Toki however to the surprise of Mii girl claiming to look from above is rude and Iwas going to educate, quickly Emony saw Mii starting a battle against Dryade.

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