Maki Ikuno

Maki Ikuno (生乃麻紀, Ikuno Maki), is a Japanese singer. She started her career with the girls band Glory Go! Go! Girls. She is the one who sings the ending theme of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas first and second season of OVAs.

Saint Seiya: The Lost CanvasEdit

Chain of Flowers (花の鎖, Hana no Kusari) is the ending theme of The Lost Canvas and is part of the original sound track Cd in 2009.

  • Singer: Maki Ikuno
  • Lyrics: Masami Kurumada
  • Arrangements: Kacky (Marina del Ray)

Singles =Edit

The three versions of the song "Chain of Flowers (花の鎖, Hana no Kusari)" were released together with the three versions of the opening theme (Realm of Athena) by Eurox 

  • 花の鎖, Hana no Kusari (TV size)
  • 花の鎖, Hana no Kusari (full size)
  • 花の鎖, Hana no Kusari (karaoke)

Glory Go! Go! Girls! Edit

Maki is one of the girls in this group, and after the release of the second albun (Space Monkey Answers), she also started her solo career.

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