Island Of hell

Makai Island (魔界岛 Makai Tō/Shima, "Island of the Demon World") is the hideout of Geist and her Caraib Ghost Saints. They are drawn from the bottom they were banished from the sanctuary , ten years before by the former Pope who disapproved of their methods.

This island is surrounded by high cliffs at 90 degrees making access difficult for intruders to the sea, but it seems likely that the  Ghosts Saints have underwater tunnels to enter and move within, as suggests the scene where Geist calls in a cave adjacent to a pool of water. Cliffs in question and the perimeter of the island is populated by swarms of biting insects intruders from all sides, and the interior of this place is ideal for a vast swamp ambushes. At the heart of the island lies the castle of illusions remains of Geist.

Island Spirits, also known as Ghost Island. Island of the Caribbean skull-shaped hat is the lair of Geist and his men. When Ghosts / abyss saints were expelled from the holy place because of their actions and methods by Grand Patriarch, ten years earlier were exiled to this island, whose shape evokes it will appeal. As Geist was an apprentice younger Shaina, who is 14 years, it is impossible for the Patriarch who drove this group is Shion, and most likely it was in a state Saga kind. The knights of the abyss were adapted to the island and turned it into a deadly trap.

The island that the spectrum is attending Seiya and his friends to recover the hull of the golden armor of Sagittarius are called knights of the abyss, led by Gist, wrested a confrontation on a tanker of the foundation Kido. This is an unknown island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a rather gloomy. Gist's home and company, has a skull, as in sword and sorcery game is wild, it seems uninhabited for many years and it shows a castle on a summit, called either Majo. 魔城"Haunted Castle" or Genkaku Jo.幻覚城(げんかくじょう) "Castle of Illusions" (literally:幻覚: illusion +城: castle) abode of Geist.

This island is bordered by high cliffs of 90 degrees, which make access from the sea to the intruders, but it seems likely that the Saints have Ghosts underwater tunnels to enter and move within, as suggested by the scene where the flame Geist a cave with a tide of water. The cliffs and the perimeter of the island are inhabited by swarms of biting insects everywhere, although it may be the black dolphin who domesticated insects to attack the island to potential visitors.