Lyumnades Scale

The Lyumnades Scale (リュムナデススケイル, Ryumunadesu Sukeiru) is the Scale of the Marine General Kasa, Guardian of the Antarctic Ocean Pillar, in Saint Seiya. It is the Scale of a Marine General, the Gold Saint equivalent


In Greek mythology, the Limnades / Leimenides/ Lyumnades (Λιμνάδες / Λειμενίδες) were a type of Naiad. They lived in freshwater lakes. Their parents were river or lake gods.

The number of Limnades includes but is not limited to:

  1. The Astakides (αι Ἀστακίδες), nymphs of the Lake Astakos in Bithynia
  2. Bolbe (Βόλβη), nymph of a Thessalian lake of the same name, also classed as an Oceanid due to her parentage (daughter of Oceanus and Tethys)
  3. Limnaee (Λιμναία), daughter of the Indian river god Ganges, one of the reputed mothers of Attis
  4. Pallas (Παλλάς, genitive Παλλάδος)
  5. Tritonis (Τριτονίς), nymph of the homonymous salt-water lake in Libya, mother of Nasamon and Caphaurus (or Cephalion) by Amphithemis,and, according to an archaic version of the myth, also of Athena by Poseidon.

Special Abilities of the Lyumnades ScaleEdit

The Lyumnades Scale never shows any particular special ability beyond that of the other Marine General Scales.

Techniques used by Lyumnades MarinersEdit

  • Salamander Shock (サラマンダーショック, Saramandā Shokku):

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