Lyra Orpheus (琴座のオルフェウス, Laira no Orufeusu?) is the Saint of Lyra, his class have only been confirmed with a question mark as Silver Saint. Still, it is known beyond any doubt from the original manga that the Lyra Cloth is a Silver Cloth.


Orpheus is resurrected along with four other Silver Saints by Eris, to try to take over the Earth. Shun confronts Orpheus and defeats him easily with his Stringer Requiem. Ikki intervenes at the last moment to avoid the death of Shun and takes his place in the fight against Orpheus. Take the initiative Ikki by throwing the Hōō Genma Ken and Orpheus has a vision in which he was burned alive. To the surprise of Ikki, Orpheus does not suffer any damage to his attack, and this explains that he comes from a vision of hell and it makes him feel at home. Attacks Orpheus with his lyre Ikki, but Ikki dodges since he has seen his attack and counterattack with his Hō Yoku Tenshō , Orpheus returning to the world of the dead.



Orpheus attacking with Stringer Requiem

Stringer Requiem:Here, the lyre's strings entangles Orpheus' opponent and leaves his victim at his mercy.

Between Mythology and Fiction


Ghost Saint Lyra Orpheus

Orpheus is the legendary mythical person himself, as expressed by Andromeda Shun. Indeed that Cloth belongs to the legendary Saint from the old poems.</ref>. He is incarnation of the tragic character in Greek Myths. Orpheus of Greek myths and Orpheus the Saint of Lyra are the same person who have the same tragic past. Both men share the same exceptional musical talent, and both men loved and lost a woman by the name of Eurydice. In the myth Orpheus was even killed by Maenads.

Concept & Creation


Lyra Cloth

With the success of the Saint Seiya franchise in both anime & manga form, a movie was proposed by Toei. Masami Kurumada participated in the production and after 3 months he contributed with the new Saints. Orpheus is named after Orpheus from the Greek myths, he also proclaims to be the real one. The Lyra Cloth was created by Kurumada for the movie and would later appeared in the original story.