Lynx Jaō (やまねこ座 (リンクス)のジャオウ, Rinkusu no Jaō) is a character from the film Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth.


Is the saint of the Crown who faced Gemini Saga, after he received the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken Seiya, launched at the speed of the Light. Seiya was about to face, but Saga told to flee to save Saori, since he would stay and fight with Jao. Jao underestimate the power of Saga, reminding the terrible situation that is after the battle with Seiya, but the gold saint blew their cosmos and, facing the terrible attack Jao, manages to defeat capture and sacrifice: both die calcined at speeding up the atmosphere.

Peculiarities of ArmorEdit

Armor Lynx: The Lynx is among the constellation Ursa Major and Auriga, first appeared in 1687 in the catalog of the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius. It is called so because, according to Hevelius, you must have eyes to see the constellation Lynx, so no mythological aspect.

Fighting SkillsEdit


Shining Hell Claw by Jaō

Shining Hell Claw (シャイニング・ヘルクロウ, Shainingu Heru Kurō): Jaō focuses his cosmo, creating a capsule similar to the fiery energy of the sun around his body. Then Jaō could break up the enemy in super speed, while the capsule of this energy that is around him takes the form of a lynx in flames. The impact of the blow is so strong that not only affects the energy, but also the strength of the body of Jaō. Jaō can also shoot the lynx in flames over his opponent.

Similar Characters Edit

The Corona Armor of Lynx has nothing to do with the Cloth of Lynx worn by Lynx Retsu. Although Apollo's Corona Saints wear armors inspired to the constellations, they have nothing to do with the Cloths worn by Athena's Saints. It can be inferred that there can be 88 Saints loyal to Athena and 88 Corona Saints loyal to Abel Apollo.


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