The Lynx Cloth is one of Bronze Cloths.

Peculiarities of Armor

The Lynx is among the constellation Ursa Major and Auriga, first appeared in 1687 in the catalog of the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius. It is called so because, according to Hevelius, you must have eyes to see the constellation Lynx, so no mythological aspect.

Chinese associations

Alpha Lyncis, 38 Lyncis and two other unnumbered stars formed the northern part of the Chinese constellation Xuanyuan, the Yellow Emperor or Yellow Dragon, which extended into Lynx from Leo. But this area of sky is so blank that even the Chinese, with their fondness for faint constellations, imagined nothing else here

Lynx Bronze Cloth

This is the cloth of Retsu the apprentice of Triangle Noesis.

Lynx as an animal

A lynx is any of the four Lynx genus species of medium-sized wildcats. The name "lynx" originated in Middle English via Latin from Greek word "λύγξ", derived from the Indo-European root "*leuk-", meaning "light, brightness", in reference to the luminescence of its reflective eyes. There is considerable confusion about the best way to classify felids at present, and some authorities classify them as part of the genus Felis.