Ludwig is the incarnation of Mars.


Before Holy WarEdit

Mars used to be a wealthy human named Ludwig who deeply loved his daughter Sonia and his wife Mischa. Then one day, his wife was killed in an explosion while attending an event he had just arrived at. Angsting both in sorrow and for revenge, Ludwig found the culprit who caused the explosion and killed him via gunshot, a fate he would continue to visit upon other criminals. However, striking down local villains did nothing to quell his anger, as the meaninglessness of his wife's death had him feeling tthe whole world needed to be brought down. One day, while going insane with these thoughts, Ludwig came upon the sight of the planet Mars, which turned him into a god.


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  • Ludwig is the Germanic form of the name "Louis" or "Lewis", all of which mean "Famous War" or "Loud Battle". This lends a futher connection to who Ludwig will eventually become: Mars (named for the Roman god of war).


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