Lucifer (ルシファー, Rushifā) is one of antagonist characters in the fourth Saint Seiya movie, Saint Seiya: The Warriors of the Final Holy Battle.


Lucifer is arrogant, sadistic, vengeful, power-hungry, as well as ruthless. He is considered to be the most perfect creature of his Creator and craves to unseat Him. Although he has been precipitated in the furthermost place away from Him, he has never given up his ambition.

He finds pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering to other beings and, reflecting its ambition, he demands absolute submission from both his allies and his enemies. He shows a high degree of hatred towards Athena, because he considers her as the main responsible for his sentence to life without sunlight. He revels in slowly torturing rather than immediately killing enemies, as it's shown in his request from her to sacrifice her life in exchange for the salvation of the world. During the ascension of the goddess to her throne, he never misses an opportunity to mock and humiliate her, as well as to ask false comments of support from her. Despite his wickedness and power, he also has his own weaknesses and fears: he can't stand the pure light that the 12 gold cloth produced to drive away the darkness of his palace, and he constantly feels the terror of being sealed again in his dark kingdom.



Even before the universe was originated, Lucifer was considered in the kingdom of heaven to be the most beautiful and powerful sentient being after the Creator himself. Because of this, he developed pride and lust for domination upon all of creation, and declared war on its Creator. He was subsequently defeated, and then banished from heaven along with his followers. Sometime in the past, he decided to take over the Earth, but the archangel Michael, helped by Athena and the eastern god Marishiten, managed to defeat him.

He was then sealed for eternity in the place farthest away from the light of the Creator, Maikai, where he became an evil ruler and his angel servants became demons. However, even while being sealed away, he hasn't given up on his ambitions to become the highest among all Gods.

The Warriors of the Final Holy BattleEdit

Following the exploits of the Saints of Athena, Abel, Eris and Poseidon lose their bodies and Lucifer draws them to himself, gaining their support and cosmos to manifest a physical body on Earth and continue the conquest of the universe, in exchange for their promises dominion over the planet and the life of Athena to resuscitate them.

Free from his prison, Lucifer sends four of his powerful demons to the Sanctuary and easily defeated all the surviving gold saints one behind the other, so it appears at the foot of the statue of Athena and after a brief interview with the ancestral spirit of goddess in it, decapitating the statue and goes, unleashing its power to create own temple (known as the Palace of intrigue) a short distance and then unleash disasters around the globe.Shortly after Saori, Seiya, Shiryyu, Hyoga and Shun go to the Sanctuary and find the gold Saints dead and decapitated the statue, then Lucifer comes with his followers to give notice to the incarnation of Athena to give up and surrender to him, in exchange for his life will save the Earth and its inhabitants, and order  to do the same to its allies (and tested) once resurrected. Lucifer needs in fact the cosmos and of the blood of Athena to restore the 3 on Earth to get them enough power to rule the universe. Athena then went to his palace and starts to climb a flight of brambles that will deprive it of the blood and the cosmos will be incorporated in the minds of the three gods. Seiya and his friends try to save facing and winning four demons in the service of Lucifer and places the protection of his palace.

In the end only Seiya has the strength to reach the steps of brambles, on top of which stands the statue of the devil, and beneath it the throne of Lucifer, whose sadism and cruelty observed the agony of climbing Saori with ironic words ignore to join her.

Seiya will try to use the arrow of Sagittarius armor to defeat Lucifer, but he will shield the body Saori. Unable to shoot the arrow, Seiya will be supported by the cosmos of his 4 companions and the glare of the 12 plates of gold, which squarceranno the darkness of the palace of Lucifer blinding and paralyzing him briefly to allow Seiya to hit him.

The fallen angel, who fears more than anything else to be precipitated again in the darkness of his reign will come to beg Seiya parsino to spare, but they still will pop the golden arrow hitting at the heart of this, the break between legamete Lucifer and three of his allies, returning the latter one in his kingdom and freeing 3 from its yoke. The disappearance of Lucifer causeà the collapse of the building and all its evil will be deleted dla world, including the deaths of gold saints caused by his demons.

Abilities and AttributesEdit

Being an Archangel, he has near-god-like powers and can easily stand on equal grounds with Athena. His fallen angel followers are also incredibly powerful and are fearsome foes.


Lucifer's cloth cannot be fully appreciated because he wears robes which conceal much of  his body. The cloth  he appears to be wearing is similar to that of the medieval Saints. The gauntlets are dark, with a plate that covers his fist. They carry a gold trim near the elbow, similar to the pads. The pads are attached in one piece. They are formed from four similar pieces overlapping, has a very similar to the Dark Cloth Faucet . Each of these parts has a gold finish on edge. The cloth is finished off with a helmet similar to a crown, possibly alluding to the title of Lord of the Underworld as well as Lucifer's failed ambition to become King of all Creation.


Between Fiction and Religion Edit

  • "Lucifer", in Latin, means "Light Bearer". In Roman times, this name also referred to the planet Venus, before Lucifer (morning star) and Vesperus (evening star) were identified as the same one Venus. In Greek, the equivalent name of Lucifer is Eosphoros.
  • In Christian religion, Lucifer was formerly an angel, one of the most beautiful and loved by God. However, for some reason (usually due to pride or a reluctance to acknowledge human beings), Lucifer and one-third of the angels rebelled against God. Lucifer and his forces were defeated and expelled from Heaven. Banished to Hell, Lucifer became the Devil, or Satan. This story is written in the Revelations, last book of the New Testament.
  • In Christianity, the name of Lucifer is one of the alternate names for Satan, due to his former radiance and beauty as an angel of God.

Trivia Edit

  • In the film, it is stated that he was first overpowered by the archangel Gabriel, with Athena's aid. In traditional versions, Lucifer was instead defeated by the archangel Michael, although Gabriel and the other angels did aid in fighting against Lucifer's minions and fellow rebels.
  • He is the only one of the fallen angels who appear in the movie that has wings.
  • Lucifer appears with an armature which carries a light-colored but golden crown in the scene where he explains how he was expelled from Paradise.
  • Lucifer's Design in the film almost shares a similarity to Jareth, The Goblin King in Jim Henson's movie, "Labyrinth".

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