(Combine with Fenrir Robe)
Loki robe

loki robe

The Fenrir (Fenrisulven) wolf son of Loki. It was predicted that Fenrir and his family destroy Asgard, Odin decided so lock him up. It was so wild that only Tyr, the god of war, dared to feed him. The first two bonds with which he was subjected were broken, so the dwarves produced the third, but Fenrir is no longer trusted to be left so put the chain demanded a god to put his hand in his mouth. The only one who dared was Tyr, who got bind Fenrir, but the wolf snatched the hand. There they remained tied until Ragnarok when the wolf escaped and fought Odin who devoured completely. Fenrir was killed by Vithar, god of the forest that killed his jaw snapping his boots.

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