Loki (ロキ, Roki) serves as the right hand of Drbal, thereby making him an antagonist in The Heated Battle of the Gods


Loki was the one who directed the rest of the God Warriors, and was behind most of the happenings in Asgard.



Loki after using his technique Shūgeki Gunrō Ken.

Loki is the only Warrior who receives Saori with Dolbar when she comes to the Valhalla Palace  to ask about the whereabouts of the missing Hyoga . He says he knew nothing of Hyoga, but Seiya and the others do not believe him. Seiya's remark makes his agressive cosmo surge, though he is soon stopped by Dolbar, who orders him to escort Saori and the other to the exit using Frey's carriage.

When the battle between the two groups of warriors occurs after Dolbar captures Saori, Loki intercepts Seiya on his way to the goddess. Loki uses his Raiding Wolf Pack Fist against Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken and is able to grab the Bronze Saint by the throat; both fighters acknowledge one another as worthy opponents. Seiya attacks Loki, but Loki then uses his Odin Tempest attack, causing Seiya to crash to the ground. Seiya again uses the Ryu Sei Ken, heavily damaging Loki's armor. Seiya finally attacks the god with the Pegasus Rolling Crash, which destroys Loki.


  • Raiding Wolf Pack Fist <(襲撃群狼拳, Shūgeki Gunrō Ken): Loki's cosmos focuses his fists, and throws them in a coup or a cosmic sequence of shots that win the silhouette of wolves.</span> These continuous bursts of cosmo-energy, moving fast, even dodging and jumping or dodging enemy attacks until reaching the target. It can be in several coups or one where Loki's whole body transforms into one wolf to attack. Striking with much power and impact, it can hold the target and the target becomes trapped in Loki's hand, akin to a wolf's mouth.
  • Odin Tempest (オーディーン・テンペスト, Ōdīn Tenpesuto): With folded hands, Loki strikes a blow in the form of direct physical hammer directly against the opponent's body, exerting a powerful cosmic pressure, reminiscent including the power to Durval. After reaching the body is overwhelmed by the pressure and then thrown. In this journey the body goes crashing into any obstacles causing more damage by cosmic impacts. Then, more pressure that continues to crush the body for some time.