Liu-Xing (流星(リュウシン) Ryūshin?, pinyin: Liú-Xīng) One of the Taonia, Liu-Xing is the commander of the cadre of warriors that ambushes Libra Dohko. Liu-Xing bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Pegasus Tenma, which amazes Dohko.


Is this troop commander Land of the Taonias sennin. Liu Xing says course! We come from the land of sennin! and have come to kill this poor guy, then Liu Xing says Dohko of Libra, a survivor of the Holy War . Already causing trouble to our country and take your life without problems!, Anyway, you're going to die here! Your body feels heavy!, This is the end!. Then Yilin! intervenes to protect Libra Dokko. and Liu Xing says stay away, small, you're not involved, I will not kill you. But we can not afford to have problemas.Yi-Lin says no way! you are evil! While Libra Dokko is solo.Ustedes are too! Liu Xing threat'll kill you, I'm not kidding, Yilin tells you Do what you want! The Taonias I hate them. Ryushin says he had warned. Try to live a little more in your next life. But Dohko Libra Libra uses weapons and says he'll leave this anymore, You do not want to play, I'm sorry, but I'm not angry, and I will not stop! Takes! The roar of the dragon takes flight! Rozan Ryu Hi Sho!. Liu Xing says can not believe it, seems another man! and is defeated. After Liu Xing gets sloppy that compared with Pegasus Tenma and tells him to stop comparing yourself to a corpse. Well, you left me so alive and Liu Xing him want to vomit!


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