Vers 1Edit

Lionet Cloth Omega
The arms are "simple" and forearm guards are "simple" and overlapping each other, a "sphere" is on the elbows, this same "earth" occurs in the knee, thigh pads have a similar to a "flame" design, the feet are "simple", the pads are similar to those of the Aquarius Cloth, the waist has a "tail" used in some ancient costumes, chest protects up exceed the pit of my stomach, the tiara has a similar design of the feline face, has great protection in the part of the face but the back has no protection, arms to the knuckles presents "claws" .

Vers 2Edit

When the armature shown indications Omega, claws are added to the shoe, allowing the user to obtain an amazing speed, similar to the speed of light.

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