The Lionet Cloth represent the constellation Leo Minor, and is made in the form of a small Lion. The constellation Leo Minor has no mythology associated to it, despite its relation to the constellation Leo.The Anime version differs to slightly from the original, as the shoulder pads have been modified into claws, the headpiece is the face of a lion (which in the manga is visible when the Lionet Cloth is assembled and not being worn) and leg armors has appeared.



  • Kyū Cloth: The Kyū Cloth is the first version of Lionet Cloth.
  • Shin Cloth: The Shin Cloth is the second version of Lionet Cloth, it as been repaired by Aries Kiki at the beginning of the Sanctuary Arc in Omega. The cloth is unchanged from its original version, aside from a new left sleeve that completely covers the wearer's left arm.
  • New Cloth: The New Cloth is the third version of Lionet Cloth, it has been repaired by Aries Kiki at Jamir in the beginning of the arc entitled "New Cloth-Hen".

Lionet Cloth (Classic Era)

Lionet Cloth (Omega Era)