Leo Kaiser (獅子座(レオ)のカイザー, Reo no Kaizā). Is the former Leo Saint during the Holy War against Hades Eighteenth Century, told in Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension.


On the surface has an appearance similar to that of Aiolia, but if we look closely we realize that it is not as well. Kaiser's hair is shorter strands and pointing in different directions, in the upper part and in its legs. And we can see in his face that his eyebrows are much more dense than those of Saint Leo the present.


He has a bad temper. Uncompromising personality when discussing, and incredulous of things you cannot see. He gets in the way of Shun, to prevent his passage through the Lion Temple. Although the Andromeda Saint tells him the truth about his origins and the future Pope's betrayal, he does not believe a word. Similarly cut ensures that the head of the leader of the Saints if his betrayal turns out to be true, demonstrating his strong belief in justice.

Plot (Next Dimension)

The arrival of Shun

Shun Kaiser appears when reaches the Leo House, Kaiser Goldie is accompanied by a giant lion that it dubs it a lion sagrado.Kaiser tells Shun to leave, Shun says that the Patriarch is a traitor, says Kaiser if that is true the run will not last in the Patriarch and tells him go Shun, Shun says no anger, Kaiser tells Goldie Shuna now be your food.

Kaiser is shocked to see that Goldy was a fond Shun Shun tells Kaiser that the future comes from the Sanctuary, Kaiser does not believe Shun and Goldy. Kaiser tells Shun that teaches what happens people who try to pass the House without permission Leo, Goldy brings the body which is very injured Suikyo. Kaiser tells Shun that moving has to overcome

Shun and Tenma Fighting

Shun attacks Leo Kaiser with Nebula Chain attack but this attack does not reach the Holy of Leo. Shun strikes again but this time the attack and then bounces Leo Kaiser attacks Andromeda Shun with his "Fist of Light"(a punch at the speed of light) and warns of impending death but Goldy protects Shun. He suddenly falls and the two gentlemen are surprised, then Kaiser tells very angry that does not get into the fight and if he was determined to protect Shun. The Gold Saint warns that failure to attack you away; quickly Shun throws one of his chains to Leo Kaiser and says that he lowered the speed of their attack and therefore could stop. Kaiser launches Shun into the air with a punch at the speed of lightand prepares to attack. Tenma appears suddenly heard saying different things to which this seeing on Leo Kaiser and Goldy was better than Leo Kaiser pregutna surprised why that comment, Tenma replied saying that the lion could see that Shun was no enemy and yet he did not.Leo Kaiser orders Goldy to attack Pegasus Tenma. Tenma manages to stop the attack with a fist, meanwhile Shun warns that when Goldie Tenma would end with his time. Before Goldie could strike again, Tenma would sell his wounded leg and decides to continue the fight. Later, Kaiser realizes that cosmos Virgo Shijima begins to disappear.

Kaiser VS Ikki

Kaiser clashes with Ikki the fifth house of the lion, submits Ikki it to the "trial of the Lion" which Ikki exceeds. Kaiser proclaims Ikki as future gold saint of Leo.


  • Lightining Bolt (ライトニングボルト, Raitoningu Boruto): Kaiser hits the opponent with powerful punche thrown at the speed of light.
  • Lightining Plasma (ライトニングプラズマ, Raitoningu Purazuma): Kaiser hits the opponent with many punches thrown at the speed of light.


  • Kaiser means "Emperor" in german.