-Libra no Genbu--Lion
Leo Cloth Stone is Mycenae Gold Cloth in Omega Era


Leo cloth stone has a visually identical to the original design, The pads are more " simple " lack of details visually similar to the cloth in its original version , the forearms are completely different and have the design " characteristic " to the cloths in their endings omega although not completely adjusted to the body of Mycenae, his arms are visually similar but with a lot more design " simple " lack the details shown in the original version , like the thigh pads , feet and neck protector , the front is almost completely different , but retains the gem located almost at the waist , but the design of the front may look different to the naked eye is not so undergoes changes in same but retains an almost identical design, the waist is completely divided into four parts, each of its sides , the third protection protects the pelvis saint of gold and the last of this protection is located on the back of the holy , the most "long" of this protection which have a rather "simple" design .

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