Lascoumone (ラスクムーン, Rasukumūn) is the captain of the Satellites. Known to never let her target escape. Lascoumoune is ordered by Callisto to kill Athena to spare grief to their goddess Artemis. Her subordinates are defeated in an instant by Andromeda Shun, but Lascoumoune takes him down with her Crimson Viper attack, only to be interrupted by the arrival of the Phoenix Saint, Ikki. She is then seriously wounded by the Saint after a brief encounter, with her own arrow.

Wearing a suit of armor that represents a black snake, is used as weapon an arc.


  • Crimson Viper (クリムゾンバイパー, Kurimuzon Baipā): attack technique of Lascoumoune. With her bow shoots an arrow charged with her cosmo, it moving like a snake and hits the opponent in a vital point.

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