Lacaille Father was a blacksmith of the most famous Catalania. In the words of his son, he is a very talented blacksmith admired for his son since he was a boy.


Capricorn ChapterEdit

Surprise her after the latter decided to make a sword and see it and breaks that did not work, he explains to his sonThe essence of the swordsmith. Then send  child to wash the swords were rusty.


Lacaille Father created the best swords by most people even in His Son and El Cid.People used their swords Tournament created.


A blacksmith is a person who objects made of iron or steel, using hand tools to hammer, bend, or any action to give the metal bound form (model) when it is in a plastic state. Usually the metal is heated until it becomes incandescent, the 'red', and subsequently subjected to forging process. Some articles of the blacksmiths are wrought iron, railings, furniture, sculpture, tools, decorative and religious items, bells, utensils and weapons. A blacksmith with enough experience can be done with the minimum of effort and energy, refined-looking products that combine talent and originality. One of the special tasks of some blacksmiths involves nailing or put horseshoes on horses' hooves. These work particularly with iron blacksmiths black, the color is due to the oxide layer is deposited on the metal surface during heating.

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